Up&Coming LIVE 2015 Highlights

CONGRATULATIONS To the Award Winning Filmmakers!
1. Best Film. My Mother’s Song’s Pass. Erick Msumanje
2. Best Screenwriting. Inner Peace. Ryan LaPine
3. Best Sound. BeatBox Kit. Josh Lake
4. Best Post Production: Lucy’ Room. Jonathen Chen
5. Best Acting. Sutherland Dam. James Kaldem. Jessica Kaldem
6. Best Experimental. Digitize Me. Richard Lin
7. Best Documentary. Hawkins. Devon Kilpatrick
8. Best Cinematography. John Haffey. Joseph Buckley Campbell
9. Best Art Direction. Love is About Lies. Cliff Mann

Congratulations to Jessica Kaldem for the Audience Up&Coming LIVE favorite: Sutherland Dam.

Congratulations to Audience Favorites from Up&Coming Wired, screened at Up&Coming LIVE:
Lucy’ Room. Jonathan Chen
The Unseen. Alwin Szeto

Photos from the 8th Annual Up&Coming LIVE event!

Live Flute Beatbox music by UCSD student Jake Espinueva at the Up&Coming reception!

Jury Panel and Statements!
Beth Accomando(KPBS Film Critic and Culture Blogger)
Brian Hu (Artistic Director, San Diego Asian Film Festival
Monika Lang (Up&Coming Student Film Fest winner and now working at LucasFilms)
Arden Reed (Professor Pomona College, Author of Slow Art: from Tableaux Vivants to James Turrell)
Rebecca Webb (ArtPower! Film Curator, Founder Filmatic Festival, Fine Art Photographer

Our special Master of Ceremonies was Jaspreet Kaur (Jazz)!

Date: May 1
Time: 6pm - 9pm (Student reception followed by screenings)
Location: Qualcomm Institute Auditorium, located at Calit2 on the UCSD campus

Must be currently enrolled at UCSD (Current grad,undergrad, Extension)
Any time length
Any genre
You may submit as many films as you wish
You must provide all information to be eligible for consideration.
1. Director First and Last Name
2. Genre
3. Total running time
4. Title
5. One sentence synopsis
6. Year produced
7. Cast and crew names and roles

1. Does your film give us something to think about or analyze?
2. Is your film visually and thematically creative?
3. Can we believe in the character (s)?
4. Creative music and/or sound
5. Are we emotionally engaged?
6. Thoughtful production design
7. Creative editing to enhance the narrative or imagery

AWARDS: Undergraduate and graduate level category combined. Best Film receives $500 cash, coffee date with Filmmaker Alex McDowell,swag bag, and trophy. ‘Best of’ categories receives a swag bag, $50 B&H Audio Video Gift Card, and a trophy!