Ava Porter

Ava Porter is a photographer, installation artist, and experimental filmmaker. She has worked in film for over 10 years. Her art attempts to analyze the overlooked influences and exploited bystanders of Western popular (entertainment, religious, and war) culture, vis-a-vis the history of aggression and theories of embodied cognition. To reinforce her content, she usually presents film and photographic works as large-scale installations, through which viewers must walk and therefore acknowledge their own physicality. Recent examples include Slaughter, Ima, The Vessel, which all investigate the contemporary role of the adult woman in modern society as seen through its traditional, religious precursors.

WaSo Collective is a collaborative duo with Ava Porter, a Visual Arts MFA student, and Yvette Janine Jackson, a Ph.D. student in the Music Integrative Studies program.

Together they create immersive cinema that encourages audiences to reexamine their positions within contemporary society. WaSo debuted Lost at Space4Art on September 27, 2013 as part of the Glottalopticon outdoor experimental opera series.