Yvette Janine Jackson

Yvette Janine Jackson is a composer and sound designer whose long-form
compositions often draw from history and examine relevant social issues. She has worked in theatre, radio drama, film, and other media for 15 years. Her compositions Invisible People (A Radio Opera) and A Thin Line (A New Radio Opera) incorporate text-sound composition, musique concréte, and modular structures. Yvette is a recipient of San Francisco’s Dean Goodman Choice Award for Sound Design and Theatre Bay Area’s Eric Landisman Fellowship.

WaSo Collective is a collaborative duo with Ava Porter, a Visual Arts MFA student, and Yvette Janine Jackson, a Ph.D. student in the Music Integrative Studies program.

Together they create immersive cinema that encourages audiences to reexamine their positions within contemporary society. WaSo debuted Lost at Space4Art on September 27, 2013 as part of the Glottalopticon outdoor experimental opera series.