Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson age 48, full time photography since 1993.

Scott started his full time career in photography shooting weddings like many photographers, and would eventually spend over half his Saturdays shooting over 600 wedding in the following years. However, he always worked to diversify his photography skills into other areas during the week. He bought a postcard company and grew it into a large souvenir distributing company, and also expanded into restaurant,real estate and corporate photography.

The postcard and real estate photography made aerial photography a profitable niche for Scott and he became the busiest aerial photographer in his area, and in 2003 he began experimenting with radio control aerial photography and was among the first photographers anywhere to lift a camera with a multirotor platform.

In recent years, after building and experimenting with dozens of machines over thousands of hours, Scott has grown his aerial photography for multiple applications including real estate, stock photography, large group shots, location scouting and corporate work, and conducts workshops on RC photography with an emphasis on safety and common sense while using this new technology.