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    • Thursday, April 30
      8:00pm - 9:00pm
    • Friday, May 1
      4:00pm - 5:00pm
    • Saturday, May 2
      2:00pm - 4:00pm
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CodeSpells is a 3D immersive video game that aims to teach programming concepts through a sandbox world where the player has control over the elements. With programming embedded in the game, players can manipulate earth, wind, fire and air around them by writing programs and casting them on objects around them like magic. The purpose of CodeSpells is to make programming more accessible and more fun to people of all ages. The game is effective with children as young as 8 and is even engaging for adults. Players have the freedom to experience the world how they choose: spend a lot of time programming, writing complex and intricate spells, or using spells others have written to explore the 3D world. Players even have the option of programming in visual or textual languages, making the game accessible and playable by a large range of programming expertise.

Learn some coding: If you already know coding, great! If not, CodeSpells uses an intuitive drag-and-drop language that even a child can use. As you become more proficient, you can code in typed Javascript! It’s the coolest way to learn one of the world’s most valuable skills.

Share spells with friends: As soon as you create a new spell, send it over to your friends for them to try out! CodeSpells has a community forum where users can show off their favorite spells with other wizards or work collaboratively on spell projects.

Play Online: Create new game modes to play with and against your friends. We’ll give you the tools to make anything from a survival game to a new magic-based sport!

Codespells Team

Adrian Lopez-Mobilia, Lead Video Game Developer - Adrian has been developing video games for several years. He was the Lead Programmer for the indie game God of Blades and has done robotics research.
Jason Rosenstock, Lead Video Game Artist - Jason has been an Illustrator & Environment Artist for 15 years with a specialty in Fantasy Art. Jason has worked previously on projects such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, God of Blades, and several television and book series.
Stephen Foster, Project Lead - Stephen is the CEO of ThoughtSTEM. Completing his PhD from UC San Diego in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Science Education and HCI.
Lindsey Handley, Business & Marketing Lead - Lindsey is the COO of ThoughtSTEM. Completing her PhD from UC San Diego in Biochemistry.
Dr. Sarah Esper, Lead of Curriculum & Education - Sarah is the CTO of ThoughtSTEM. She has her PhD from UC San Diego in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Science Education and HCI.