New Integrations in Telematic Music

Musicians and Videographers with shared traditions of Improvisation perform together live between San Diego and Zurich.

With a quartet in California performing live with a duo in Zurich and audiences in both locations, this concert features renowned composer-improvisers collaborating across high-bandwidth networks to perform original compositions created specifically for the telematic medium. Among other works, the concert includes “Three Stories” a composition by Gerry Hemingway that integrates video and spoken text in an homage to filmmaker Chris Marker as well as Telematic video and music improvisation between filmakers Brian Cross (San Diego) and VJ Benjamin Burger (Zurich) and musicians in both cities.


Mark Dresser-bass, Michael Dessen-trombone, Stephanie Richards-trumpet, Joshua White-piano , Brian Cross-video - San Diego

Matthias Ziegler-flutes, Gerry Hemingway - percussion, Johannes Schütt -network audio, Benjamin Burger-video