• Dates & Times

    • Thursday, April 30
      11:00am - 10:00pm
    • Friday, May 1
      11:00am - 10:00pm
    • Saturday, May 2
      11:00am - 10:00pm
  • Location

    QI Courtyard

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  • Artists

    Anna Huemmer

1,000′ videotape, steel
6ft h x 16ft w x 5ft d

Anna Huemmer reconstructs remembered terrain. Interested in threshold spaces and their ability to represent past, present and future time, she often uses objects representative of the in-between; roads, windows, fences, and doorways. Combining colors, rhythms and materials from nature and industry to create sculptures.

“Even in the most object-free circumstances we orient ourselves in terms of objects and spaces. Without adverbs of space or prepositions-here, there, above, below, this side of and the other side of-our powers of comprehension fail. Our consciousness devises a topography for every situation, a ‘mind map,’ which is constantly adjusted to take account of the data rapidly coming in” Roman Signer.

Using the remembered topography of different places and experiences Anna reconstructs her memories into sculptures. A fleeting moment becomes an everlasting object. Investigating the space between our memories and our physical world, she translates her experiences into works that oscillate between object and imagined.

Pairing unusual combinations of materials she attempts to construct the intangible. Combining visual signifiers as a means to represent a feeling. The materials combined often look like they are are growing or moving. Transforming from one thing into another the they break away from singular definitions. This state of change becomes the subject. The work moves back and forth; from past, to present, to future time.