The alt.pictureshows: “Narcissus’ Electronic Cave” (Film Installation)

Thursday, April 24 • 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Qualcomm Institute Theater

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  • Thursday, April 24th
    4:30pm -7:30pm
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  • Student
  • Faculty
  • Staff

[Various Artists, Loop]
Immerse yourself in a world of specially selected video content addressing themes of self and surveillance. Curated by filmmaker and curator Neil Kendricks (MCASD), this “21st century “Videodrome” engages us in the act of looking, and being looked at, in a non-traditional film-going environment.


Frances Bodomo’s Afronauts (13 min.)

Neil Kendricks and Jim Cavolt’s Beholder (3 min.)

Ciaran Cassidy’s The Last Days of Peter Bergmann (20 min.)

Magnus Mork’s Burger (11 min.)

Todd Rohl’s Rat Pack Rat (19 min.)

Jillian McDonald’s Horror Makeup

Moon Molson’s The Bravest, The Boldest (17 min.)

Toon Town Troublemakers (outside screening on Tim Hawkinson’s Bear)

Louis Morton’s Passer Passer (4 min.)

Bernardo Britto’s Yearbook (5 min.)

Alex Grigg’s Phantom Limb (5 min.)