Turbulence - Day 2 (Interactive Film)

Saturday, April 26 • 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Qualcomm Institute Auditorium

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[Nitzan Ben Shaul, 2010, Israel, 90-120 min]
Utilizing complicated video coding procedures behind the scenes, audience members watch and determine the plot of Turbulence. Made with a unique scene-sequencing technique, the director Ben Shaul won the Grand Prize at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival for its technological innovation in 2010. The Plot: Three Israeli friends, Edi, Sol and Rona, meet by chance in Manhattan. Twenty years in the past, a protest over the Lebanon War led to an arrest, and the three friends went their separate ways. Now, in present-day New York City, two of the characters rekindle a love affair. How will it end? You decide.

ArtTalks! moderated by Professor Shlomo Dubnov with director Ben-Shaul