Virtual Reality Workshop

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    • Saturday, May 2
      10:00am - 11:00am
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    Todd Margolis

After over a century of cultural investigation into the idea of Virtual Reality within cinema, research and gaming and numerous cycles of boom and bust, has VR finally become a technology that is both accessible and useful? Can all of the advancements in computing, storytelling and user experience design finally converge to enable a form of VR that will live up to the hype?
We’ll explore the history of VR focusing on examples that highlight the cultural needs of those periods and the technologies that have supported them. We’ll try to define VR and how that fits within a mixed reality spectrum. We’ll look at contemporary hardware and software and you will learn good starting points on how to create your own VR experiences.
Todd Margolis has been creating tele-collaborative immersive and interactive experiences for over 15 years. He has published numerous papers on mixed reality art and has lectured on new media both nationally and internationally. His work has been shown in museums, festivals and galleries around the world.

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