Meet the Team

  • Andrew Heideman
    Andrew is a fifth-year Media major and Computer Science minor, having meandered through various computer science and film classes at both UC Irvine and UC San Diego. He blends these two interests by incorporating technological themes into his films and can often be found obsessively comparing the hardware of different cameras. Andrew hopes to utilize these passions in the entertainment industry and bridge the gap between art and science.
  • Keita Funakawa (Student Leader, Up&Coming Wired)
    Keita Funakawa was born in the Bay Area of California, spent his K-6 years in Tokyo, and 6th-12th grade in Honolulu. Funakawa is currently studying Management Science and Digital Film Production at UC San Diego. He believes the visual language enabled by the invention of the image is far superior to an ancient invention such as the alphabet, which is why his bio is so short. To better understand him, his work can be seen at
  • Sandy Le
    When not obsessing over her latest television fandoms, Sandy is indulging herself in horror movies, fashion, design and her beloved pet hamster. As a senior Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts major, she’s tinkered with everything from film editing to hardware and while she finds it all fascinating, her passion lies in drawing and painting. She dreams of one day becoming an illustrator or freelance designer but thanks to her experiences at ArtPower!, she has grown to love event management. Sandy hopes to somehow combine her passion for creative strategy and art.